A Happy Ending for Pet

How my book came into being

Many years ago there was a TV documentary about a woman who took on dogs that did not have much longer to live. Some animals died after a few days while others still remained there for several weeks. I was fascinated the most by the statement: "I never have to euthanize an animal, they go on their own accord! " This cannot be a coincidence with so many dogs and in my opinion it is influenced by the ability of really letting go.

This skill impressed me so much that I started to work on myself. My efforts were rewarded - at the end of his life I could let go of my dog, allowing him to leave this world in a natural way.

Writing a book was not planned, but the death certificate of my dog became the trigger for it. On this form for insurance/tax it is not even considered that an animal can die naturally. Starting from the assumption that my heart's desire is also that of many other pet owners, I began to combine my experience, thoughts and knowledge in a book.

My book is based on a underlying yet provocative question: Does our own attitude to ageing, death and “letting go” influence how our pets are able to leave this world? It explores the thoughts connected to general and personal aspects, and how dealing with these impacts how we react to this topic.

Therefore this book is not an official guide to mourning and moving on, yet it deals with a lot of background knowledge and themes, which can help take some of the shock and pain away from this difficult and moving topic. It helps to familiarize oneself with these aspects even in the young years of a pet’s life in order to approach the subject with ease and practice the essence of farewell. Since 2001, my agency http://www.pro-opt.de/ helps others through learning how to let go in various areas of their life. 

My book deals with a very complex topic and its main points, it does not claim to be complete and offers no guarantees. However, I think it is worth taking the time to learn more about this topic to enable a happy ending, not only for our pets!