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Stefffen Henssler

Steffen Henssler, a famous German TV-chef, already has my book and sent me this lovely thank-you card!


Geliebte Katze

Review by Ellen Lacher
No pet owner likes to think about the topic, but especially sick and old animals deserve to be accompanied on their last path. A great useful guide book with answers and consolation.

Tellington special

Review by Heimke Moll
This fine smallbook by Natascha Weber, "A Happy Ending For Pets" is especially useful for new dog owners or those who need a new approach to "letting go" due to the growing age of their dog. Natascha Weber uses a multitude of personal anecdotes to provide a different view on the death of our pets, in particular of our dogs. While reading the book I often experienced a blurring of discussion, the act of letting go and grief for animals and humans. This book encouraged me to think about the past and the future experiences of a life shared by humans and animals and that is great! The book can be ordered on in German and English.

Mein Tierheilpraktiker

Mein Tierheilpraktiker is the official publication of the German Alternative Animal Therapist Association (VDT). It aims to educate alternative therapists, veterinarians and animal lovers on species-appropriate, natural approaches to keeping and caring for pets.

A Happy Ending for Pets by Natascha Weber
Review by Monika Heike Schmalstieg

A book that challenges us to think. Can I bare it or should I end it now? This question is clearly addressed on page 56, here evaluating the degree of suffering of a pet and the correct time to call a vet are discussed. This impressive book by Natascha Weber offers many tips and recommendations concerning the active help an owner can provide for his dog when the time has come. Questions such as “How do I deal with the situation?” or “What happens afterwards?” are dealt with. Feelings of the pet owners are discussed, as well as which preparations can be taken to facilitate the passing of a pet. Ms Weber introduces us to personal anecdotes and supports these with facts. The initial motivation for her to write this book came from the death certificate of her 13-year-old setter Kosmo, which had the words “euthanized” replaced with “deceased”. An innovative approach to the topic of death and moving on. This book can be a guide along the path to a happy ending for pets.

Paracelsus Magazin

Paracelsus Magazin is a German specialist publication focusing on articles about new methods and discoveries in the areas of naturopathy, psychology, alternative animal therapy and wellness.

A Happy Ending for Pets by Natascha Weber
The author finds reassuring words when tackling this difficult subject. She uses personal examples to describe the situation faced when a beloved pet passes away. She offers thoughts that can be applied and understood by everyone regardless of religion or life philosophy. As she approaches the topic so soothingly, even grieving people find strength in it, this removes some of the fear attached to the subject. She provides helpful guidance to determine and prepare for the time to part ways, as well as consoling yet practical advice for the aftermath.