At the end of a shared journey with a pet, an owner can wish for nothing more than the opportunity for his friend to leave this world in a natural way.  Sadly, the scenario in reality is often very different. Around 90% of dogs and cats are put down and merely 10% go in a more peaceful way. This sad reality also concerns horses, with whom we as owners share an equally deep bond.

However, we do not have to accept this situation. The correct preparation is key in determining how our four-legged companion can change to the other side at the end of his life. 

The fact that your pet can benefit from veterinary assistance during its last steps is good, not only in emergencies. However, this small guide book provides helpful support in order to prevent this unwanted scenario from occurring in the first place. It shows the impact this decision has on so many other areas of our personal lives and gives tips and ideas for alternatives, so that this big wish may come true in a happy-ending, not only for our pets!




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